Saturday, June 28, 2008

101 things i hate about you

Have you ever just really not enjoyed something? a movie, a book, a CD, a new flavor of gum? its all ways a let down. well when grace moved in it was a HUGE let down. Im sorry but i would endure 2 more years of my last bunch of psychotic roomies, to get rid of this one. Have you ever just know that someone hates you? I think we all know how we feel about each other, grace is just to Christ like to say anything.
This is a list of things this girl does that drives me crazy ( it may sound dumb but its the only way i wont explode)
-She has decided that she can move, replace or get ride of anything she wants.
-she separates all of her dishes and food and movies and books and EVERYTHING including her shoes, from me and laura. I mean come on, what do you think me and laura are going to steal you crap?cuz we're not we would however love to chuck it on the highway!
-She tells everyone she has an inactive room mate. as if it make laura a bad person. ya sure I admit i would like it if laura went to church, but i would rather her be her then fake it and go to church and be miserable. and hello have you ever heard of excepting people for the way they are, and loving everyone. Isnt that what Jesus did? well grace isnt!!!!!?
-I still hate all her Jesus pictures.
-I hate how she pretends to be social at church, but then when she comes home shuts her self in her room and wont invite anyone over to our house.
-I hate that she trys to boss me around. i dont put up with that, not from my Mom and i sure wont put up with it from her!
- I hate that she pretends to have all these guys after her and then I never hear or see one of them with her even at church. and i hate that she is angry at a guy that she likes cuz he cant see that she likes him, 1 day after he broke up with a girl he was totally in love with.
-I hate how she refuse to her self as an "island girl" hunny, being an island girl usually means you smoke at least 2 joints a day and have a grow op in you basement! or at least in the world i grew up in.
- I hate that her interest include squealing annoyingly on facebook ever time she sees something of interest.
-And I most of all hate how she isnt at all funny. not a funny bone in her. how can she not be funny, arnt bitter people suppose to at least be sarcastic and wity?!
AH! only 2 months till i can move out! away form pycotica!

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