Friday, June 13, 2008

Ant Farm

About a month ago I discovered that a happy family of ants has moved into my house. If it was an other bug i would have to move out, but luckily i can handle ants. I would prefer a bunch of lady bugs that could be a pretty cool thing to brag about. "Well I have a lady bug infestation." Ants have never really grossed me out. I would like them to be gone, but there everywhere, i doubt my efforts will work out in my favor. I wasn't to worried about these little critters until this morning. After waking up, i kinda just laid in bed. That's the best way to wake up, just on your own, and not have to hurry. When i suddenly realized there was a bug running on my pillow. That was it! i can share my house but i do not share my bed! I killed the little ant, but was grossed out. If that bug could crawl that close to me just think of the ants that i have not seen at night. crawling all over me, i bet i swallowed a few. And personally ants are not fine dinning to me. Aaron yes, he had a little liking to then as a child.....that and handfuls of dirt. Lucky he grew out of that one......that might be awkward to explain to a date.

2. yesterday I was watching Oprah, she was talking about "The Secret" and the law of attraction, again. I watched "The Secret" with my mom about a year ago. I thought it was really cool, and tried to apply it in my life for a while. I made a Vision Board, that was never really specific. I do have to say that i put a picture up of the book of Mormon, and since then I have slowly been making mt way through it. And the whole college thing worked out, I still need romance, a Temple marriage and like a brand new house on the beach. but I'm sure that will come in time! Anyways, I guess i kind of forgot all about the law of attraction and positive thinking, Life gets busy. So I decided to put the theory back into play in my life. the past 2 months I've just be SO negative! So on the way to work i picked a problem in my life, and put it into a positive phrase. I picked this, I want a way to pay off my laptop debt, quickly and honestly. I said that all the way from the west side to down town. I looked up at a sign, for sun life financial, a huge HELP WANTED sign. i smiled, don't you love when things just work out. I continued to say this phrase in my head while i was at work. After work i was talking to a friend i use to work with at IGA. I asked if the needed more people there, and he told me that the manager had just fired a girl that day! ah how i love the law of attraction. Now just attract me a couple thousand dollars, and a great guy to date! lol. one step at a time, it will work out.

3.Last night I talked to my mom for hours. I love talking to her, i think that my mom and Aaron and Anna are the only people i get to be exactly who i am with. And i love it. so anyways sometimes i feel my mom laughing in her head at me, I talk about the stupidest things, and when i have something on my mind i just go and go and go, and all she has time to do is say "uh hu". But talking to my mom always makes things better. Especially when Tim (my step dad) is gone. Then she talks for hours, even when she says gotta go, we still talk. I love my mom. and cuz i know she reads my blog, I wanted to take a paragraph to tell you that it means a lot to me that you just listen to my insanity, and my stupidity. and that you put up with my EXTREMELY random emotional swings. I heard this great thing on Oprah, a lady said that she had realized that good put her children with her, because she wanted her to be herself, not the perfect mother. That her kids needed her in all her stupid, or bad moments, and that being her makes her the perfect mother for those kids. i hope my mom knows that she might have not been the perfect mom for the kids next door, but she is for me and my brother, good job mom.

4. Today in the mail I got a large envelope that said i had been chosen for a national survey. I opened it to realize that it was from PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) I like animals, and i support a lot of the stuff that the organization does. I love that they are trying to educated the population about the treatment of animals. I do not however like that they sometimes take the ethical treatment of animals so seriously. When your cause leads to bombings and breaking the law, that's when i say good basic idea but a little intense for me. Anyways I gave them my address on the net so i could get a free vegetarian starter kit. But i assumed I'd get more. So i read the letter explaining about, companies using animals to test crap on that they really don't need to be. and all about all this other stuff, that i did find interesting, and i would love to get involved in the cause, i started filling out the questionnaire, and got to the last question......I would like to donate 20, 30, 40, 50, other dollars to PETA. ok this is when i got angry. I cant just help with a cause i have to give you money, right well that's a big no i have no money. I would love to print a flyer off your website and stand in the mall and pass them out to passerby. I don't want to mindlessly give your company money, so it can go to things like telling the world Paul McCartney is a vegetarian so you should be one to. Do get me wrong its a totally wicked organization i just don't like being milked for money, with sympathy letters in my mail.

5. about a week ago I decided to fill all these old Jones soda bottles and put food coloring in them and line them up on my kitchen window Sile. It looks really cool it adds color to my kitchen, which is rather white. so decorating tip for poor people, color water + fun bottles= pretty thing to look at! It may not be Martha Stewart but hey! i like it.

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Marilee said...

I LOVE YOU TOO Honey. I had to laugh when I saw your comments about the colored water. Remind me to tell you the story of how Grandma Shipley used to keep colored water in pretty bottles when I was a kid...and the drunk Indian thought it was booze and drank it.