Tuesday, June 3, 2008

so small

theres about a hundred and fifty million things running through my head at this moment in time. so here are just a few.

I have desided to cut red meat out of my diet. today is my second day. When your poor you dont realize how much hamburger you eat. Spaggetti has hamburger, tacos, hambergur helper....all the poor kind food. so i have resorted to tuna. yesturday i made rice, and mixed tuna with it, and poored some soya sauce on it. It looked truely like puke. and smelt rather fishy. but i ate it, it was really good. i just need to find a way to make it look good. Because theres just something about eating something that lookslike you stole from a cat.

For the past couple of weeks i've been in my own world. and in my world, when im not enjoying it, i read. I have made it through all 3 twilight books a couple of church books and the first harry potter as well as Helaman in the Book of mormon, all in 1 month. Im starting to run out of books. Its sad when i start talk to my room mates about how i wish i was bella in twilight, and that i have a secret crush on jacob black....who i know is the less desirable of the two freaks in the book. But I guess i feel bad loving edward when Bella loves him so dearly. see this is what i mean. THEIR NOT EVEN REAL! lol.... in the end every one of my friends have agreed to read these books, cuz there just that good! Unfortuantly i have not felt like leaving my little book world yet...and i have a rather large fee at the library still. i might have to suck it up and pay the late fees. I can only read my books so many times before i can recall everything that happens.

I have a new room mate her name is grace. she is rather nice, i've know her for a while now. but she offically moved in saturday. so when i got home sunday night from cold lake, she was here. But my other roomie laura was not. this alowed me to unleash all of my negitive feelings about what laura does on grace (lucky her). I was having a rather emotional week and laura and cody were at the root. so after i went on about laura being a sucky roomate. they all came home. and guess who was with them....cody. so of course he angered me and she got the blunt end of me raging. poor girl. and she thought i was a nice normal mormon girl, with not to much drama. Last night she went to her old house and then went ot bed as soon as she got home. tonight shes going out with her old room mate. I think i scared the poor girl away. i didnt mean to she just cought me in the middle of a personal melt down. but those can be rather scary i have been told. Well at least shes stuck here till september so she will have time to realize that i am not always completely insane!

Sunday after the 12 hours bus ride home, alex and rustin (2 old friends from high school) picked me and steph up. we all desided to go get dinner, me and steph were ready to eat them, so i was a wise choice on thier part. Alex and Rustin are 2 very intersting boys apart. but put together, well i would equate them to a pair of 12 year old boy who just realized that girls dont really have coutees. My group of friend have always had no problem talking about sex and everything to go along with it. It is usually a topic that is joked about alot. So we sit down in the seafood place and steph goes to the bathroom. This leaves me with tweedle dum and tweedle dumber. and as the laugh at stupid things, alxex mentions that he and rustin bought a blow up doll today. I wish i could say that surprised me. anyways, i really at this point wanted to look at them and say, "Look i understand that you are completely fasinated with your penis! but i am a girl, and there is just somethings you dont tell girls! even if we are friends!" while yelling at them in my head i dawned on me why these 2 are single!

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