Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain Rian and more Rain

The last time it really rained where i live was the year i moved to washington state. that year the rivers flooded and everyone was totally shocked. RAIN! what is this RAIN! theres not alot of rain here. In April i remember thinking to myself....April showers brings may flowers, ya right. and then 2 weeks later It dumped the largest rain storm i had seen while living here. and then it kept going and going, until i realized the rain has drowned Mays flowers. Sad really but maybe this will hold winter off longer. i hate winter. all that snow, and cold. I always thought i really liked rain. I remember as a child me and my younger brother out side, splashing in the puddles and "dancing" in the rain. I always had fond memories of rain. But lately the rain has rung in a string of misfortunate events.

1.Including my small amount of hours at work being slashed in half. Last week i walked into work, to see a older blond lady standing at the counter that my manager was suppose to be. then i walked into the back room to discover 2 more women packing up boxes. After about 15 minutes of these women scurrying around me, i finally asked why they were here. Lorna, the lady from head office, informed me that she had fire everyone else, and that we had a new staff. NO WAY! i guessed that. i was in shock why no one bothered to call me and give me a heads up. "Hey Cath, We um we fired all of the people you work with, just to let you know. and we are watching you so dress nice." As the day went on i realized that this staff change was to determent. I wasnt offered the Full Time instead the assumed that i could only work 3 days a week. And then when i told them different, they were so happy not to have to hire another Part Time girl. and then scheduled me for 8 hours the next week. 8 HOURS!!!!! i have laptop payments, and rent and phone bills and bus passes to buy. not to mention every thing i own has a huge whole in it! Because i bought it summer of grade 11! And i would enjoy a Little extra money you know FOR FOOD! Ya i would think i would be completely use to my job screwing me over. but for some reason its always a HUGE shock! oh well so is my life.

2. I dont know If i have ever written about Nolan. but he is the most AMAZING guy i have ever met. He was my home teacher for most of the time I knew him. But after being released, he asked me on a few group things with him. The first it was great i had a ton of fun. The second time i was in cold lake. the third time i had to work.....a 3 hour shift. So as i sat there doing nothing at this job that I make no money at, I realized that Nolan would probably not ask me to do anything else. 2 rejections, and because i am not the brightest crayon in the dating box, i didnt really act real flirty like, and say something witty like, "But I will call you when im not busy and we can do something." or even " I hope i can next time". No I sat there for that pitiful 3 hours and thought about how the guy that is perfect, would never agian ask me to do something. and then he would Leave to Ontario in a few weeks, and i wouldn't even have the chance to redeem myself. And i couldn't decide who to be more angry with My job or MYSELF!

3. Its been 2 weeks since my newest roomie moved in, Grace. wow. i mean i dont think i have ever seen so many pictures of Jesus in one room. Im not lying she has the biggest room in the house, and every inch of all the walls is COVERED in pictures of Jesus. I mean im all good with Jesus and all, but I think there's a limit to how many pictures you can have of him, just like any person. If you have 300 pictures of them in your room, it maybe consider stalking. But then the "SO hows living with grace going?'" happened. and i smile and say " Well she never comes out of her room. and the say "ya she's like that" and then proceed to tell me how interesting 9for lack of a better word) she is, and how she kinda a religious freak, ha ya guessed that one, after the first glace at her room! Laura and I thought she hated us at first, we now see that she doesn't really like anyone, so its not as huge. But she says these things that drive me crazy. and she is just SO intense with the church stuff. I mean she finds a way to bring Jesus into EVERYTHING, cooking, cleaning, bus rides, its just a little much for this girl.

4.Because of the hour slash at my job, I started out on a quest for another job. And where i live is just swimming with job openings. This is what is all over the news and theres adds everywhere. well dont be fooled, cuz half those places have signs up for fun. ya I spent 2 days searching for another job, and only handed out about 6 resumes. I asked more times then i could count. But no. They arnt hiring, they just like playing with your mind. and have you get your hopes up. and then they look at you like your pathetic, and say no we filled the spots we just have the sign up in case.... So after 2 days of this, I was applied out. And more then desperate for a job. SO i ran into a old co-worker from IGA, he was a favorite of mine. and he told me all about what was going down with the store. and then when he found out i was looking for another job, he insisted i come back, that they would be more than happy to take me back. I know this i really do. Its just i really hated that job, I wanted so bad just to be able to have a new adventure. but i now realize that i dont have much of a choice. I am going tomorrow to beg for my old job back. This alone is enough to make me want to cry for days on end. But i dont have much of a choice.

5. Kristian left on his mission. I never thought we were that great of friends, i always thought he liked me WAY more than i liked him. but i talked to him everyday for 4 months before he left. and know that he's gone i miss him. allot. especially since i haven't had a prime past 2 weeks. I really needed someone to talk to. and well since i have pretty much cut Cody outta my life, and Laura knows everything already, and stephy doesn't need to be burdened with other peoples problems right now, that kinda ment the only friend i had left was Kristian. and he is gone. man, I hate when you dont realize what you got until its gone. not only does it suck for you, it makes you look like a HUGE jerk to that other person. Im still not in love with the boy, i guess it just sunk in this week, my best friend is gone for 2 years. man that sucks.

Wow this wasn't meant to turn into such a negative blog entry.

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