Friday, June 27, 2008

In With The New

Well for those who look at my page today, it is much different. Even my title has changed! WEll let me exsplain. Even though I am a Hippy at Heart, and love everything to do with the 60's, environment, and other odd hippy ways. I felt that my blogs dont really go along with that. The stuff I say is from the heart, but those who know me best, also know that there is something else at my heart. ART! i am an artist, and love everything to do with art. To me art includes everything from music to painting to liturature. and this is why i Have changed..... this page is all art that comes from my heart. So i felt this title would be better suiting. So i hope you enjoy the art from my heart....because its all me all the time, the good the bad, and the sacastic.
with love

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