Sunday, June 1, 2008

It was worth it

Cold Lake was great. Have you ever been surrounded by people that just love you....that bring out the best in you? That was cold lake. a whole family plus my bestfriend. Laughing, loving, playing, singing, sleeping, joking. Things that have been lost in my life lately. the best thing i felt there was the spirit.
Thats something that i never really feel in this little apartments of mine. I dont know if its my room mates tendency to do a little much with her boyfriend here....or if its something im lacking (ok lets not kid ourselves, its alot about her!) But it is something that i have really missed.
K's house was in the middle of no where. you drive through a forest and a fields to find this cute little house. and even thought the house needed a few repairs a coat of new paint, and some felt like a good place to be. this little house was nestled right in front of a wooded area and a lake, with a dock. to the left a field with a horse. and to the right a small chicken pen with 2 peacocks. there was a 2 dogs for me to love and chase, and a cat. I was in heaven! I spent the day at the lake and in the field with the horse and chasing the dog Zee around, throwing footballs(not well), listening to O (K's interesting single cousin) tell bad jokes and use lame pick up lines, roasting hot dogs, singing along to music, checking hockey scores, running back and forth from cherry grove to cold lake.
It was beautiful.....Northern Alberta is oh so pretty not BC but closer than the south.
All in all it was what i needed.......the welcome party from stupid and the stupider twins was not needed.....but i guess i cant really control that one.

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