Thursday, March 11, 2010


So I am single.
Yeah, more like this.
he finally stopped lieing to me and told me he wants to be with Bri.
You think I would be more mad but that honesty lead to this.
I must be some kind of wonderful for this, that or completely retarded.
I want to lean to some kinda wonderful.
I am fine.
He is not.
But being single is weird.
So I'm going on a blind date.......I think.
Well it's not so blind since I creeped him on Facebook. Technology it takes all the surprise out of dating.
He is a cowboy I think.....not usually my thing.
But it's just a date, I kinda just want to have fun.
Scratch that, not kinda, I just want to have fun.
Bryan broke me. I am 21 and I am ready to date.
Since I have stopped going to church I have realized something about dating. It is A LOT easier.
I can date anyone I want. And they only have to meet my standards. Not that it is easy to meet my standards. It actually might be harder than meeting the church standards. But back to my main point. I can date anyone.
And I don't have to marry them! I can just date them. Because I am only 21........what a weird way to think!
On another note I moved again!
I moved in with my GBFF Ben. and our Friend Kirsten.
It is so great.
I have a family, right here now.
I can be me, and have no jugdements.
This living situation fits me very well.
I might acutally say that I feel happy.
I feel happy.
Now I just need to figure out the rest of my life.........but I am sure that won't happen any time soon.

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Casey said...

Good for you chick. Glad you're happy and wish you all the best. So when are you gonna come visit us? we haven't seen you in forever?