Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the road

JMaCrae came from the big city to visit.
How I have missed her!!!
She reminds me of what the real world is like. One thing about the bridge is that it isn't the real world. People think and do weird things here. It's hard to explain, but people here think very different than people anywhere else. I guess that's why I have always felt like an outsider here. While everyone is planning their weddings and what colour their kitchen will be, I'm watching documentaries and reading classic literature. I'm trying to understand theories and meanings, their watching the Lion King. Not that there is any thing wrong with that. I was like that for a long time. I'm just not like that anymore. This world has to much to offer, besides the Lion King. I know shocking! I can't just be ok with what I know.
JMaCrae reminds me of who I am. She is a great friend. She's a real person with real problems and real struggles. She has real goals, real ideas, real likes and dislikes. But most of all she is ready to learn.

after high school me and lauraj were suppose to see Canada. Of course it didn't happen. That tends to happen when you mix Lauraj into an idea. She never really wanted the same thing out of the trip as I did. She wanted to go to concerts and be a groupie. I wanted to go to different churches and sit through a mass. I wanted to see the city on the horizon, a city that was ready to explore.I wanted to see the homeless on the streets and give them the box of crackers we just bought. I wanted to see the land marks and see the history. I wanted to learn and explore. She wanted to party. I'm sure that's why it never worked out.

Today I remembered the world is big and interesting. Thank goodness, I can't wait to experience it.

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