Thursday, July 16, 2009

not your self

Have you ever thought "wow this is so not me"?
Maybe it was when you tried on a new shirt, or maybe you were trying a new food.
How about when you spend time with some one? Do you ever think that the person your with does not let you be who you really are?
I do.
And it wasn't until this morning that I realized it.
I was asleep, and then I got a text message.
"are you mad at me or are you really that busy that I haven't seen you in weeks. And when I did see you, you acted weird. Did I do something?"
I hate that question. If you did some thing to piss me off, trust me you'll hear about it.
I rolled over and let out huge sigh.
more f---ing drama from my past.
Which through me into pondering, why was it that I had become more notorious the past month.
Then I realized it.
I don't enjoy being with my old friends. They have preconceptions of what I should do, or how I should act. And when I am not the way they expect.....they shun it. The real problem is that 3 months ago I was living my own life, if I wanted to hang out with some one I would. If I didn't I wouldn't. If I wanted to act a certain way I could, if I started being the person I really am it was embraced not ignored.
I learnt how to lead a life with out the people of my past. They apparently did not.
I agreed to give up my time to pretend to be what she wants me to be. But I don't think it will be happening much longer.
This is who I am. Get over your self and open your minds up.

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