Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunday morning

Hey there blog land!
Missed you guys...
First off, I'm alive! I always hated on people who got me hooked to their blogs and then didn't write much for a long time. I no longer feel that way. When life gets busy the blog takes the back burner.
But I'll put you on the front for the next 20 minutes to tell you whats been up in my life.

Item number one.
this is my new's kind of a bad pic. I still think he's cute! Formally known as B-Ry. But now will be called Bryan. Since that's his name. and I am sure no one will stalk him just because I put a picture up and called him by his real name. But you never know.....anyways hearts this boy (man).
Item number two.
I bet you guy want to know what happen? why did he change his mind? Well it is not a romantic story. Not really. Kind of. ok here I am going to make it romantic.
I finally got tired of his excuses, so I went to his house and said choose all of me or none of me.
Bryan: "ok I will think about it".
Me: "NO. It's been three months, it's now or never."
Bryan: "I just feel pressured."
Me: "Yeah, but you shouldn't and if you do that's your answer."
Bryan: " Fine that's my answer."
He walked away. I went to J's house and cried......Thank goodness for J and his huge shoulder to cry on.
He texted me, "can you come back over so we can talk more?"
"No, I have said all that needed to be said"
"I didn't get to talk though."
"fine. But can you call me I am at J"
blah blah blah....we talked, he said he didn't want to lose me. He asked me on a date, we went out for dinner. I told him before the date that after the date I needed an answer, yes or no. He pulled up to my house, and asked me.
Ok so it wasn't romantic even when I tried to make it. Really it was a rough day. but since then things have been great.

item three,
I am looking for yet another house. This time with Bri and Chlo. Unfortunately the have never lived on there own. So they don't really get how it is going to be. this makes me weary. Also Chlo has no job, and Bri works one day a week. That makes me even more weary. Bri is not to happy with my lack of enthusiasm about the move. I tried to tell her it's because I have moved close to 8 times this year. Or that I didn't really have the money. But it looks like it's time to have a real sit down about this with her. Chlo has no idea whats going on since she is not even in the province.....and hasn't been for a while.  moral of the story, as much as I want to move in with them I am not going to jump into a situation where I get screwed.

there is many more items to discuss, but I have to run to my latest 3 hour shift at work! woot! I will try to do better blog land. stay tuned!


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Casey said...

Bout freakin' time girl... ;)

Glad things are going well and that you've finally found time to blog. (finally). And that's a great picture of you by the way. You look good.

Tiffany said...

You look good, but Bryan looks like he was in a fight.

Dear Blog Land, he's better looking in real life. A bit shy, or maybe that was my over bearing personality in his face...whatever.

Nice guy, better treat you well, I know a big guy in Leth that will be hunting him down otherwise.

Miss you girl...

Marilee said...

Hi my sweet daughter - I too am most grateful for your blog revival. I agree with Tiff - he's much better looking in real life and I'm glad he finally made the right decision. Call me when you get a minute. Love you loads & bunches.