Sunday, April 4, 2010

It was a bad idea to tell you I loved you:

It's been over two week since I have been alone. Hard to believe? Well for more than two weeks I have had Bryan with me 24/7. Literally. We ate, slept, went to school,cried,laughed,played final fantasy13 together always. Today I went to brunch with his sister and his mom and him. Easter brunch. It was nice. Then he dropped me off at home. I'm alone. Weird. All this time I thought being alone would actually be nice. I was wrong! nope good old brain stopped me from enjoying the time to myself. See a month ago I broke up with Bryan. I was pretty sure I had finally found someone who loves me. I was pretty sure I loved him. But we broke up. However events that have unfolded since that day have stopped me from dealing with this fact. We broke  up. He is going on a date tonight. And it hurts to say the least. I have tried to move on, I have met a couple  of guys. None of which interest me. No one is as attractive or as funny. And that sucks too. I want to love someone who shares those feelings. Lucky for me that is rarely the case. So here I sit, waiting to hear how this date goes. From my best friend, who I have not had a chance to get over yet.

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