Thursday, February 28, 2008

praise the lord and pass te amuntion...

I don't really know how many of you out there believe in a god.... but i do.... and i believe that sometimes (as much as i love him) he likes playing with my life. this is no lie he has a very interesting sense of humor.
like for instance he loves to torment me when it comes to Cody..... i have realized that indescribable relationship we have, ya i can describe it know. and it is a simple phrase that goes like this. Blake Higa re-incarnate. i don't know if i ever wrote about me and Blake. but Blake was a best friend that treated me like a girlfriend, and then tis little girl fell in love for the first time. Blake did work out cuz you see he liked treating me like girlfriend but not letting me be a girlfriend.
I have realized that i have let myself be treated this same way by Cody. WHY!!!! why heavenly father why! some one just pass me a gun before i let Blake happen to me all over again!!! so this is my creed.... NO MORE! will i be the best friend for the lonely boy who wants a hold over! never again will i feel bad about myself because of them! never ever again! I must be crazy to let this start again and im putting a stop to it TODAY!
But know for the sense of humor, i wanted to put Cody out of my head to move on and just live life (not ending our friendship just not making it number one) and i start to do this. I then realize its time to put me back on my spiritual track. so i pick up my b.o.m and open it to alam 48. i know you dont know why i think this is cruel. this chapter is cody's favorite.... o heavenly fater what are you trying to tell me!!!!

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