Tuesday, March 4, 2008

perfect bone stucture and jimi hendrix

this weekend was my 19th birthday....
usually this would be a horrible realization for me seeing how i hate my birthday. it never goes the way it should. i always end up feeling like i want to smack someone at the end of it. so this year i took matters into my own hands. that's right i planned my own party. first things first i wanted cody there. no amount of stupidness could make me want my best friend not there. so they all came. it was the best weekend of my life! it wasn't really that exciting, we watched a jimi hendrixover band at the slice (a bar downtown). and we had a sleep over the night before. but i had the best time ever. it was a change.
Now for the perfect bone structure of this story. I have found love.... or i will when i finally get up the nerve to talk to him. but he has the most amazing face. its just so perfect... in a Cathy kinda perfect way. I told Laura he has perfect bone structure! ya i know I'm a dork. He was most definitely the reason this weekend was so great. He sat next to me in our last class Friday. I was seriously and sadly smitten. I went home and was singing every Beatles song know to man... while making a cake and dancing about. It's been to long since i felt this way. I missed it. but it definitely made for the perfect weekend.

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