Monday, February 4, 2008

time for the confession

i like confessing call me an idiot but i think it is funny...... i write them in my journal.... or i use to when i wrote in it,but here is my confessional.

1. i am in love with my technology. and its i feel cant be healthy. i never leave the house with out my cell phone and ipod. even when i am only destine for a 8 hour shift at work my ipod and cell are tucked safe with in my pockets

2. i have a strange obsession for anything hippy(like you couldnt have guessed) i am an advent shopped of jocies handmade imports. just walking in the store calms my nerves. the smell of incense..... the crystals and the hemp. it is my utopia. i also a strong believer in most of the hippy stuff. like crystals that effect your moods, tarot cards..... these thing fasinate me. if i had been born in another family, and not a member of the church, i would most likely be all in to that stuff..... lucky for you my church keeps me from becoming a walking talking wierdo.

3. i had a huge crush on a 30 year old.ya it lasted about a month..... dont judge,it was only a crush, and to be fair i didnt know he was 30 until the end. anyways he fell for another girl. of course. and i regained my sanity and realized that 18 and 30 is a bit extreme..... 12 years of extreme differences. and so the crush ended.

4. i honestly hate being woken up. i would much rather have to do anything then be woken up. i love my mother very much...... but for the first 16 years of my life she was my personal alarm clock. and every morning she would come in and wake me up. and every morning i had about 5 minutes of true distane for her. it wasnt just her OH NO! cuz for the past 3 years i had another mom waking me up...... and i realized that no matter how much i love my religion, the words scriptures and prey in ten minutes, brought more distane then i ever had for my moms awakenings. and then i moved out and i dont have to be woken up...... except for the moments cody surprises me by getting pulled over by the police with no licence. so the jist of this is waking up cathy= her hating you for a good 5 minutes.

5. i truly hate people with annoying laughs..... i know some of you can think they are funny. but there not. i truly hate when annoying laughs are forced by girls trying to get guys attention. ok like for real, as if that would turn any guy on. maybe make him think your retarded.... or psycotic. but cute? who thought you the birds and the bees hum???? goofy?

6. i am usally a "listener". and there are people that i will always want to listen to. blake, cody and laura are about the only people that i will drop everything to just listen to. other people have picked up on this talent. and they abuse it. its when i get text messages at 12 at nigt on a tuesday night, tat when i get pissed. i will listen and i will give advice...... but it kills me to be nice about it sometimes. i mean come on anyone one that knows me knows i ate being woken up!!!!!

i think thats enough for now......... but there will be more theres always more!

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