Friday, January 25, 2008

the hagus

ok so first let me apologize to anyone that reads this..... which is most likely no one. my last few post have been over lame. but i was stressed when im stressed i use the most simple of terms to get my point across. some time i think it would be easier just to type. CODY YOUR STUPID! and leave it at that. any ways moving on.
today was the first time i attended friday forum.....for all you non-southern Albertans out there, friday forum is a church class, that happens on friday you pay 2 bucks you get lunch and a spiritual moment. anyway.... so matea basically forced me into going. im glad she did. the food was crappy oh well but the speaker! ok im not going to say i was uplifted at all.
but i never wanted him to stop talking. heres a few reasons.
1 he was rather good looking
2 he had just stepped off a plane from Scotland, and had this amazing Scottish accent that just like serenaded my soul.
3 he was funny, but not the drop a joke thats cheesy funny, the like make fun of people for being dumb funny with out offending. (but lets be really as if a man of such fineness would offend any one!)
so i have falling in love with a Scottish man! lol...... trust me i have no shot, but i can dream. its funny but i kinda just lumped him up there with johnny depp and jacob hoggard.

I guess i can tell you about school. i still love it. i had my first couple of test today and i made some really observations about college.
1 college is alot harder than high school. just because your teacher doesnt talk about it in class doesnt mean it wont show up on an exam.

2 nothing is simple in college, like instead of saying "Class tomorrow will be a test." they say EXAM. it makes it so much heavier. and teachers no their not teachers their professors.

3 people in college are all different..... i dont know what i was expecting.... but im use to everyone being moderately the same, just degreeing in whorishness and coxyness. not here though everyone has a story that is different.
other than a few stressful moments of this week im still in love with college.

i am so glad that the months are going by fast. i so done with living in the house im in, and with the people. i dont mind laura and ve. but i think 5 is to many. i think 4 or 3 or 2 would work but 5, 5 girls is far to many girls to expect to live in Harmony together. it just wont happen. i have this dream of steph actually deciding that she wants to live in lethbridge, and me and her moving in together. i wish thats how it would go but i have this gut feeling it wont. its sad i've lost alot of touch with the foxes since i've left....... i just feel like a burden on them sometimes. but its ok i do have my own family, that has since i've officially been crowned a grown up, stepped up to the plate a lot more.

being single, i thought i'd just touch on this. in my house every time i get a phone call (which is beyond rare) someone goes is it a guy? and i laugh and say hey mom! i honestly was lying in bed last night thinking..... i hope heavenly father doesnt think i can hold out till im like 26 cuz im thinking marriage like by 21..... and let me tell you i dont think i can handle it. that 7 years of aloneness is that even fare?????!!!! but today as i sat glued to this Scottish boy something snapped in my head..... im busy i mean im getting my frist degree in 2 years and then i plan on going to England to get a BA....... that is really busy and it will take up that whole 6 years. so my position on being single has changed thanks to school. i dont think im destine to be in love anytime soon .... so do hold your breath for a invite..... cuz i would like to think im going to be overly smart! lol. what ever it will happen one day.

so this is the events of the week or so..........................


Bobbi-Jo said...

I love your evaluation of College. So true. And I agree - 5 girls living together? Bound for excitement one way or another. I've got 4 daughters and I'm hoping that teenagedom NEVER gets here. LOL!

Tiff said... have a Blog??!?!! LOL!! I just found it. Go see P.S. I love you, that is the true definition of a yummy Scottish guy (he's Irish, but whatever)

Haven't been in touch for a while...sorry. Haven't sent money for a while...also sorry. Putting a cheque in the mail right now!!