Sunday, January 6, 2008

in a new day

its funny how emotions change from day to day. all wit in 1 day my feelings towards Cody have changed.
i started out thinking i was the victim. that i had been wronged. that e didn't love me and tats way e was treating me like this. i hated him. i hated him going back to calgary.
and then it changed.
then i felt it was my fault. i hated me, for telling him the truth. for wanting him to see, so that he could change. i was self fish, i didnt want him to leave.
and then it changed.
now i dont know what to think. i dont. was it wrong for me to want those things? was it wrong for cody to be mad cuz i was going out?
either way it comes down to this.
we were bot wrong. we were both hurt. and we bot reacted wrong.
and so my apologies and his silent treatment. it wont help. it was all a emotion driven mistake.

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