Tuesday, January 1, 2008

never a dull moment.

up date on my crazy new years weekend.
on Saturday i truly did not want to go to work. so for the second time ever, i called in sick. it was so great. Brett came up from Calgary, and brought his guitar hero game. so i played that, me and will, and Laura made breakfast. and was just all around lazy. at last at about 9 o' clock decided that i needed to take a bath. and took a relaxing bath. i got out and went to bed at 10 o'clock. completely relaxed. so nice. at 12 o'clock, will came rushing into my room.
"Cathy wake up! its an emergency. Cody needs you!" and hands me his cell phone. Cody was on the other end. Cody explained to me that he was on his way to surprise me, and ran into a check stop about 5 minutes drive from my house. the cops were going to tow is car if he didn't find a licenced driver to drive the car. due to the fact that Cody only has a learners. he needed me to come pick him up. so i shot out of bed in a complete panic. i ran around got matea to drive me to the check stop. i made it there by 12: 05. i jumped out of the car in the middle of the high way. where i had made matea stop, and ran to Cody. i was completely freaked out i was shaking and still half asleep. not to mention the fact that it was freezing and i was in just my pj's. the cop released his car to me and i drove it home. and so was the adventurous start to my weekend. but with Cody life is always a little dramatic. i love him. he's like a brother to me. a brother that needs to be slapped a few hundred times. but all in all it was a fun weekend. i miss Cody all the time, and worry about him even more than that. I'm not even sure i should write about this kid on the Internet....... but he's part of me. and this is a place where i show who i am. so let me tell you about my relationship with Cody.
i have this weird emotional connection with this boy. its not romantic at all. it is like he is my brother/ my child/ best friend. its so weird we talk like best friends, we act like brother and sister (actually i have been told we act like and old married couple.) and i worry about him like he is my kid.
he is always in trouble. and he always has to be secretive. about everything, EVERYTHING!!!
for a long time i hated his other friends James and johnny. he choices them over me, no matter what. no matter what i did i could never compare to what James did. but this visit was a bit different. James turned into a little bit of an ass, and the funny thing i was mad at him for treating Cody like that. even though i knew that if he was normal with Cody, Cody would have ditched me completely. now though i don't hate James, cuz i kinda think Cody has noticed that we would drop everything for him. unlike James.
Cody drives me completely crazy, and yet is my favorite person. he can be the biggest jerk and if i try to tell him he makes me feel like a jerk. we argue all the time, and in the end i end up hugging him. he is the worse driver but i wouldn't want to be in the car with anyone else. he is so stubborn but always makes complete scenes. and most of all he is like me in boy form.... in to many ways. i can hate some thing and Cody will make me like it, i can think something and Cody can explain it so i don't think it anymore. it is an insane skill. and yet i never had someone that loves me so much.
its just so weird it blows my mind.
happy new years bloggers lets make 2008 better than the rest.

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