Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I feel like things are going backwards.
not every thing just you.
Don't you rememeber?
The way things were.
I do.
thats it.
The way things were.
Don't you recall?
everything was bad, and it was mainly becasue of you.
I will not go backwards.
If your going that way I hope you can go it alone.
It might be harder to for me to let you do it on your own.
But I'm willing to give it a try.
At last.
Is what I want.
The time has come, to walk my own path and to let you walk yours.
I hope they cross, and merge, Or run side by side.
But this is my path.
It leads away from her, from your love for her.
It leads away from betrayal, and lust.
I hope I am strong enough to walk it alone.
It won't be forever.
One day I will have someone to share my path.
But I can't walk it with you.
Not Anymore.

1 comment:

Casey said...

You are never alone you know. Independent, yes, but not alone.