Tuesday, August 10, 2010

been there done that

I really want to post. Unfortunately I don't have much to say.

I know you were all waiting to hear about the weekend of weddings. Ok well lets just say after the weekend of the weddings I went to Bryan's house and cried for 15 minutes from exhaustion. This does not mean that I did not enjoy both weddings a lot. I did. by 5pm Sunday night I was so tired I was literally falling apart. My knee was in a tenser bandage, my arm was being bandaged up and my stomach was being pumped fulll of food. As I have no pictures form wedding number two yet, this is all you get.
I love this girl, her baby, and her new man! Love you Mrs. Fox-Walker. Oh and just for emphasis of how much I love this family here is another picture <3

Ok Ok moving on. I finally quit at Reitmans. Not because I don't love it... I do a lot. unfortunately sometimes your happiness has to be dictated by money. and Reitmans is not making me any. Plus the theater isn't that bad. I mean there's free drinks and pop corn on shift, Bryan is there....oh right and the assistant manager is pretty cute! So I am destined to permanently smell like buttered pop corn. I guess it could be worse, I could smell like a deep fryer.

So the Bam Fram Froosh was here for wedding one. You know Lauraj? We have this little joke about how every picture we take together we are matching...Case and point.
Picture one Grade 11 on our way to the Anti-Flag concert, If you cant tell we are both dressed the same and have the same pink in our hair, same necklace......

Picture two LizD's wedding we were in the bridal party (we were the bridal party!)...

Picture three Stephy's wedding....well the trend continues.

BFF's or twins? lol Thank God me and Bryan don't wear matching cloths in our pictures!

Ok well I posted. Maybe next time I will have something to say! Love you Bloggers

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