Tuesday, April 8, 2008

for the nights he can't remember

oh the hospital....... one place i greatly hate. but unfortunately some where I've been for the past 4 days and will continue to be for the next 3.
all thanks to my best of friend cody healy.
im not in the hospital no worries there, he is. At last the fates have caught up to him and landed him in room 404 at the hospital. here's the story.
its 7:00 in the morning and i am sleeping, of course, when my phone rings. i ignore it, thats what i always do at 7:00 in the morning when the phone rings. it stops, and starts again, i still ignore it. and then a third time, i answered. it was cody. he asked when i got out of class i said 4:30 he said great he'd see me then and that he was so cold. and hung up. i knew something happend i just didnt know what.
4:30 rolls around and he is waiting for me at my house. when i get there i ask him why he's in here, and what happened that he called me at 7 in the morning cold.
he goes on to tell me this story......
he was watching taylor switf on MTV the night before, and the next thing he remembers in waking up in a ditch out side of a small town, with my room mates bike, that was in our hometown. so he proceeds to call me from a pay phone and ride the bike the rest of the way to my house. unfortunately he could not remember just how he got into that ditch................OH CODY!
so i hung out a bit with him, but when i discovered that he could not walk, he was in so much pain. and that his head hurt a lot, i decided he needed to go to the hospital.
So i took him down town and laura took him to emergency, one hour later i showed up at emergency (after finishing a class project) and this is where he has been ever since. the hospital. i have been there everyday almost all day long. talking, laughing, smacking him, and doing homework.
I hate hospitals, i hate the sick, i hate the smell, i hate the pain, that is in them. but i love that in that hospital i remembered why he is my best friend, and just how much i live the kid. In that hospital i realized i couldn't do it alone, and so i brought the spirit with me. in that hospital i showed just how much i care and i got back the respect that i have always wondered about our whole friendship.
I hate the hospital, but i love room 404.

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