Thursday, April 24, 2008

the dawn is breaking

As some of you well know for the past eight months i have been living in a house of 4 other girls. we alllwent to high school together, and for the most part enjoyed being together. But as this new phase in my life is coming around, i realize just how much i have learned from these past eight months. We have all finish our first year/semester of college/university, and now is the time that we pack up hug each other good bye and set out on our own paths. But as i stare down this new path i will be trekking the next four months, i can't help but laugh at the past eight that brought me here.

The first thing i will be eternally grateful for, is never having to realize that E has done 16 loads of dirty Landry in on day with out cleaning the lint trap. and then pulling it out, only to have a few tons of pink lint burst in my face!

Secondly I will not miss the mounds of towels that litter the bathroom counter. Stumbling into the bathroom early in the morning to wash my face, and discovering that every towel we own is now lying about the bathroom, sickly dirty, from lack of being washed, all the while my face dripping wet.

Next i will so not miss the drama. I have no drama, this could be considered a blessing or a curse, take your pick. But my room-mates..... oh no i dont think you know drama till you live with two young Ladies brought up in the gossip capital of the WORLD! Even a peanut butter left out on the counter is suddenly the beginning of a new and horrid disaster.
I will not miss the lack of advice tacking that my dear roomies seem to have. I have not had alot of relationships, actually i have had a rather pathetic history. But i have extensive knowledge of how men, and good relationships work (I think its from all the winners i've seen go in and out of my loved ones lives.) But my dear room mates dont seem to think im serious when they ask: "Cathy what should i do he is being so dumb!" and I tell them just what to do. and then they do the complete opposite and get their heart broken.........which is ALWAYS followed by a sobbing, ice cream hording, mess-a-thon.....sick. I'm smart I know what im talking about! LISTEN!!!! having kids better not be like that!

The comments about my fashion will be greatly missed.....or not. I am constantly ridiculed for my fashion... If you dont know i have a very unique fashion out look, and it doesn't really fit in a mold. But E has taken it upon her self to tell me that i am forbidden to buy certain articles of clothing, due to there hideousness. Of course I dont think i have ever actually listened. Last time i checked fashion was an expression of who YOU are not your room mates. On top of that i lost all respect for her taste, when she told me to buy a leopard print top last night. She claimed it was adorable on me, i claimed i was part of my ethical code to never own some thing that looked like a leopard hit by a car..... made sense to me!

Waking up to the sound of opera will not be missed. I have a super cute roomie V. she enjoys singing a bit to much. so when she thinks no one is home (which she usually is wrong about) she sings at the top of her lungs Enya. Well i dont know if you've ever heard Enya opera style....but let me tell you, its an experience for all. it kind makes me laugh with a hint of wanting to stab my ear drums out. as if Enya wasn't bad enough!
Some of you may know about my most favorite topic of room mate anger M, M is pretty much a love/hate situation with me. So lets just cut this blog entry short and summarize my M experience, instead of listing how many things she does that makes me want to literally, pluck each hair out of my head! M and all of her unique personality traits.

I will not miss hear how each man i think is simply amazing looks like the embodiment of Satan, of a Simpson's character!
And i will not miss the lack of space that has been a problem in our fridge and freezer since i moved in. for the past 3 weeks i have had no groceries. But i survive off of the food that they have not touched for eight months, that their mothers sent with them in neat little casserole dishes. I cant wait to own my own groceries!!!!!!

despite all of the insanely stupid and annoying things the four girl have done, i have a special love for each of them.......even if that love makes me want to punt them in the shins at times. Its been eight months to remember and it will never be the same! THANK GOODNESS!!!!! lol

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