Friday, April 4, 2008

the sound of silence

after the up downs of this week, the sound of silence has been most welcome. I dont know if you have experienced the sound of silence, but it happens right after your life falls apart. Its the moment you realize it will all be ok. and it literally is a silence. a silence of thought, of action, of emotion. you recollect yourself and move along. the next day something new is happening, but your ok because of the silence that has restored you.
my silence was a perfect day, that started with me receiving a new laptop that didn't have insane issues. and getting my term paper handed in. that is how its starts it lets things work out. then you sleep, which is what i did, i skipped class, and slept. then you do something to get your mind off it. i also did this, i went to the movie 21. which is great by the way. and has a man that i am absolutely in love with. and then you need to sleep again. sleep is key to my silences. and then you need to accomplish something that has been hanging over your head for weeks. my ethics case study, by the end of last night i was ready to take on life.
And that i feel normal again i can get back to real life.
It is my last week of work. well tomorrow is my last day. I've called in sick on all my shifts since Saturday. each for a good reason. but work just doesn't matter to me right now. I plan on applying at Michael's as soon as i am done exams. and also a billion other places. i need to jobs this summer, i have to pay off a laptop and save for next semester. its amazing the weight that has lifted off my shoulders since i quit my job. if there is any way i can go through school only working the summers I'm going to do it!
i guess i should touch on whatever happened to the perfect bone structure boy. i don't really know, i got caught up in school and life and then one day i realized he hadn't been in class for a couple of weeks. the best thing i ever learned in high school was how to get over a boy. i use to sob and pout and act totally well high schoolish. but now in my grown up years I've learned that life is to short to waste it on stupid boys. once in a while there's a boy that comes along that is worth tears. but those boy are few and far between.

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Tiffany said...

Hey Cathy,

I love can do it...your a tough're amazing....see the great things in you....

Need more?

Need a laugh...see my blog, there's some stupid stuff on there.