Sunday, April 13, 2008

what i want you to know

today in sunday school nolan made us close our eyes and picture our own funeral. morbid i know but it gets better. he challenged us to write down what we'd want our family friends co-workers and church members to know about us. i thought i would write mine here where my family and friend can see.
Mom- I want you to know you are my best friend. there is no greater mother. i would want you to know that your stupid mistakes, helped make me who i am. i'd want you to remember sacrament meetings in glenwood, and late night talks, i would want you to remember singing you are my sun shine, and i would want you to remember helping me through every second of my grown up life.

Aaron- I would want you to remember who made you so stupid, remember when we both spent days on end at home together, remember dad and you and me together, remember me beating on you and know it was just to make you strong, remember that i never stopped loving you even when i left.

Tim- remember how happy you make my mom, every time you make her happy you make me happy. remember my sarcasm because it will still be there when we are all in heaven together.

Anna- remember im your sister and i always wanted what was best for you. remember that even thought your life has been ruff, you are loved by many people i am one,my mom is one, your dad is one, your mom is one, and your heavenly father is one.

Tiffany- Remember the cowboy party, and all you did for me because i will be eternally grateful.

Aunt Judy and uncle Jeff- remember how much i hated living at your house and know it was the best thing that ever happened to me. remember each hug and each time you showed me love and the place i hold yo in my heart.

Laura- remember me, and everything i am about. remember anti-flag and high school. but most of all remember that you were the only one that totally got me. I want you to remember me for each time you needed someone i was there. and that each time you were stupid i told you. remember my randomness, and my laugh, remember my midnight antics, and our boy dramas. remember how i change but always hold you in my heart.

Steph- remember all our times, and that you are in my heart for eternity, and i always with you. that you are not just a friend but a sister. remember my emotions good and bad, remember every tear, and every laugh. remember that heavenly father loves you just as much as me.

Cody- remember our wars and our teasing, but when you do remember that out of everyone i know, i never have quite had such loyalty to them. remember that i was always there for you, and so is heavenly father. remember each time i said i love you because i do. remember that you are a part of my heart as well, and you always will.

Kodie- i wish you new just how much you changed me. thank you, thank you. i want you to remember that you are the one person that is credited with making me who i am, and always loving me.

I want everyone to remember how much i love my heavenly father, that he is what gets me through each day, for he has placed each of you in my life. he is the only one that calms my heart, he is the only one that understands my hints. he knew me better than i knew myself. and i owe all to him because with out him i would never see each of you again.
I would also want everyone to remember that i loved and i served, and that every mistake i made i am grateful for, and every person i made them with changed me.
This will never be all the people i would want ot remember me. and this isn't even half of what i would want them to remember me for. but anyday could be the last one, so just for those in my life now, i love you. and i will never forget you, never forget me.

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Tiffany said...

Oh the Cowboy Party. To think we got ourselves so psyched up for that, such a disappointment. I made such a fool of myself, but was it ever fun.

Just goes to show you that even us 'old ladies' can have a rockin' time.

Love ya babe!