Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy fathers day

So it's fathers day. It's been a long time since this day has really meant anything to me. But I recently have had a change of heart. So today I am not going to say a lot. But enough.

There are a few guys in my life that I love to death. First is my step dad. Even though we don't see eye to eye all the time, you Tim have really been the closest thing to a father I have ever had. I am so greatful or that. Sometimes it's strange to think that somebody can even be close to filling that big hole in my heart. Where a fathers love should be. But in the past 5 years you have done a pretty good job of it. And I love you, even though you drive me crazy!

Second guy is KC. KC you barely even knew me but you knew that I needed someones love. And when things are hard one of the first thing I know will help me through it is a big hug and a few words from you. Since you came into my life you also helped fill a bit of that hole in my heart. And I trurly am grateful fo you. And love you.

Third, is a man that has always been here right from the start. My uncle. Even when I am not making life decisions that I know everyone is proud of, I still see you uncle J as a great man. I am so thankful for the love you have given me my entire life. The guidence and the patience. You have always been the guy who I looked up to. And even though I didn't really have a dad for a large part of my life, you have alway been basically it. Thank you uncle J for loving me.

And last but not least to my real Dad. Even though it took this long to see it, I love you. You were the first and in the end you are my last "Dad". And I miss you everyday.

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Casey said...

Like you said at the beginning, not a lot, but enough. Good post Cathy my girl. I know there's a lot of emotion in there.

And thanks.