Monday, June 7, 2010

Photo of the day

So remember how I am taking one photo every day for a year?
And how I was going to post all the extras on here? Well turns out I took 165 photos this week. 7 of which made it to print.......well you see 165 is A LOT of photos to upload one by one on here so I have a better idea!

So I started myself a Flickr page. If your interested in seeing the photos I pick to publish, and the extras maybe you should stop on by! And you know anything else I decide to through in there......right now having one picture a day is kind of got me busy!
don't click on it for some reason it doesn't work, but if you copy and paste it into your address bar you should be good to go. If not it's on my websites on FB.
Go See and then you know tell me how awesome I am! lol


Tiffany said...

Hey Miss Awesome...that link doesn't work.

Art @ Heart said...

Copy and paste.....I don't know why but blog spot isn't working with my link!