Friday, June 18, 2010

woman of influence

In my life time there has been a handful of women who have been there for me. Some more than others. Each of which I am grateful for.

Of course there is my Mom, and she knows how much I love her. But this blog post is about a different woman. Who in the past has made some whoopers of mistakes.

I always looked up to her, she was a good Mom a good wife. She still is. I was trying to pattern my life to look similar to hers. Then one day she told us all a big fat secret that definitely took the cake in our family. People made their own decisions about her. People took it personally or they didn't.

I was shocked yes, but this is one special lady. I never had an issues with what she had chosen. I felt bad for those involved, maybe thought she could have gone about it better. But I have been through my share of parental drama, and I know that even though it is hard, it makes you a better stronger person in the end. I still don't have an issues with what she has chosen. Because her choice is an amazing man, who proves time and time again that bad decisions don't make bad people. And because he is to loving to not get the heart of anyone.

I still look up to her. She is so amazingly strong. And once you get an up close and person look at her new relationship you realize that real love is worth the wait. I know that for some the past year and a half has been trying. But it's all about to become official. And I thought this would be a good time to say how I have always felt.

Sometimes it is hard to see past the hurt. Unfortunately we lose a lot when that happens. I should know I recently let my hurt stand in between loving my father, and look where that got me.

T I love you. You have been the soul reason for my survival this year. You never judge, you never lecture(well usually) you just open your arms and love me regardless of how stupid my decisions are. I am proud to have you in my life (and you know that bald guy that hangs around with you a lot). You are my woman of influence, and we are all lucky to have you as part of our lives (even if some don't know it yet)You are the same person in my eyes, just happier and a little more experianced. And I hope everyone else learns that too.
Congrats T and KC. I love you both.

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