Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Byes

I am not very good at good byes.

Last night I had my last farewells with the LaSenza girls.
Today I had my last girls day with JMaCrae.
Tomorrow I have my last walk with NicTO.

I hate good byes. and even though with some of these girls its just a see ya later, I'm not very good at it. After JMaCrae dropped me off, I sat in her car trying to some how say good bye, but it wasn't working out. So we waved said see you later and moved on.

Why are good byes so awkward?
Is it just we are afraid of how the other person will act?
Or am I afraid of hurting someone?
I just don't know, but regardless of how much I do or do not like good byes, they are inevitable.

When I left the bridge, I was positive that it would be impossible to say good by to a few people. But I did, and even though it took a lot to move on, I did.
But since I wanted nothing more than to just never live in the bridge again, leaving was easy done than said.
I never wanted to go back to the bridge. But here I am 2 days away from once again, packing up and moving out. moving out to the place I'd never go again.
It's finally hit me that this is it.
No one understands why I'm not overly excited about moving, but still think it is the right decision.
I don't look forward to the things that I will face in the next few months, but I do look forward to finally finishing what I started.

And starting what I plan to finish.
I go into this different.
So good bye big city.
I will miss you, and love you.

Stay tuned for what will happen next. Hopefully it will be much more empowering than the last part of my life.

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Anonymous said...

i was hoping it would be more of a see you later... and not so much a goodbye.
my grandpa never said goodbye to us. he said goodbye was forever.

i miss you cathy coppin.