Sunday, March 1, 2009

When you realize they love you.

It makes me truly mad that I wasted so much time trying to be loved by people that didn't love me.
Especially when there are people who have been in my life since my birth, that have always loved me.
Thank you for loving me, without my knowledge.
It's becasue of you guys that I will never have to hit the bottom again. It's becasue of those big hearts, that next time I feel alone I will know I'm not.
When you realize just h0w much time you've wasted on loving people that never loved you back, you wish you could go back. Erease every time you tried so hard to help them, and give that hand to the ones that do love you.
I wasted to much time on the people that don't matter.
But I'm done wasting my own time.

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