Monday, March 9, 2009

Ode to My Lap Top

I'm sure you are all aware that I have a Lap top. and I am sure you are all aware of how my Lap-top and I came to be. If not please feel free to read the post on the worst day of my life.
Since Moving to my new house, my lap top and I, have been on a little break. Due to the crappy Internet connection here. I could handle this for a while, but lately I feel that a small piece of me is missing.
My Lap Top holds my life. Music, Pictures, Poems, and Stories, Addresses, School assignments, everything. With out it I feel rather lost.
When I was in the bridge last Laura gave me a $25 dollar Itunes gist card (Due to the fact that she lost hers ages ago, and doesn't have the heart to break it to her dad.) The fact that I have $25 dollars, that I can only spend on music but cant, is driving me completely INSANE!
It seems each day I find a more fabulous Artist than the last, that I CAN"T buy, because my laptop cant connect to the Internet!
So this is an ode to my Lap Top, and all the grand things we could be listening, look, and doing together..........

Nick Simmons, Gene Simmins oldest and Hotest and only son <3<3>

Dustin Kensrue Beauty and Vocals.

The Real World: Brooklyn

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