Friday, March 6, 2009

A weeks acount

So the 20th was good.
I had dinner with some close friends, who I love. Did I mention each person I have gotten close with since moving here, have been the coolest people in the world!?
Nic got me the most gorgeous zebra and purple purse, and some chocolate (she knows me well!).
and JMaCrea got me a stellar batman card...and watchmen.
T and Aunt J and Uncle J got me the MOST amazing digital camera, and once my Laptop is up and running, you will all get to experience my new photography skills (there pretty dang awesome I must say!).
I also got many birthday calls (none of which were from my mom!)
One from a very sick Laura.
One From my adopted family.
and one from the entire CHS art's been 2 years since I graduated, and I'm still popular! I must be like a legend.
And I got many Birthday texts (still non from my mom)
And many many facebooks posts (I don't think I need to mention who didn't leave me a post)
One Extremely amusing long one from B, and a handful a short to the point ones. Either way I felt over loved. It was a humbling feeling.
I've had 2 great birthdays in a row, I'm grateful for them. I can't remember to many birthdays. The earliest one I can remember involves glenwood.....and pasty icing!(just kidding mom even if you didn't say happy birthday to me, I know you love me!) But every year they make me remember why I love life so much.
I'm 20 now, time to get down to business.....well after I finish my graphic novel!
I can't remember ever being so excited about life. 20 will be a great year, I can feel it.
First act as a 20 year old. Find a house. (almost check)
Second act as a 20 year, get my act together.(pretty much check)
third act as a 20 year old, find musical gems, to get me through this year! (check!)

fourth act as a 20 year old............

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