Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I feel I may have jumped the gun, with the whole Kenny thing. I do like him, and I'm pretty sure he is interested. However I think I was on wedding high. and was therefor rather blind sighted.
Since after having just one date, I was planning our wedding invitations (oh no I really am my mothers daughter!)I would like to plea temporary insanity! It was all the love floating around, it was rather distracting, and Liz just looked so darn happy! lol.
Anyways, have no fear fellow bloggers I am not engaged to a man I only met a week ago! however you will be the first to know, more like last. That's a big deal, that's gotta be done by the phone!
So until I get to the Bridge, we remain JUST FRIENDS!
The wedding high just wore off, it was a little sad, I was enjoying the strange state of bliss I was in. But now that reality has sunk in, I do have stories.....that don't involve a $200 0 dollar diamond!
Oh I have you rolling your eyes already, don't I.
He's stupid. Got wind of my moving back to the bridge decision. And has decided it is because I saw him at the dance and realized, I couldn't be away from him anymore.
If that was the case I'm pretty sure I would have talked to him. I hope he gets wind a large part is because of Kenny. that would be great!
Anyways so Idiot talks to Laura today.
She facebooks me. not entirely sure why. It could be because she thought I would care. It could also be that she likes when I get all dramatic. It could also be because she was genuinely concerned and thought I needed a heads up. either way she didn't get much. She got a wow he's still a jackass.
However Cody got something entirely.
I decided it was time, I was ready to tell him good bye forever. I sent him an email (note: I would usually feel crappy about telling someone to F off over email. But he did break my heart over facebook, so I don't really feel that bad.) telling him why we stopped being friends in the first place. then after establishing it was because I needed to get over him, I told him I was over him. and it was true! and then I told him that even though I was over him, I still didn't want to be friends.
I did it classy. I told him to have a good life, that I was sorry for hurting him. and to stay strong in the gospel. I asked him to not write me back, and to just let go. I don't know if he will do it. He's lost a lot of people, I don't think they have ever told him themselves why. I hope he respects that. I doubt it. but I don't really care.
My life is meant for great things. His life is meant for great things. but we are not meant for each other.

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