Thursday, February 5, 2009


Have you ever tried a work out class???

I haven't really, other than yoga(at home) Pilate's(at home) and running(at home) I haven't really done a class.

Last night that all changed.....with Auqa-size.

you know when old people want to get active.....well they turn to aqua-size.

However Aqua-size is not just for the elderly.....It's for cool people to!

So last night my good friend JMaCrae calls me and asks me if I want to go....and since I wanted to do something I agreed.

And let me tell you, it was the most fun I have ever had in a swimming pool!

It started out small, with jogging under in the water. Of course the rhythmic beats of girls just wanna have fun (remixed) really got me excited. the instructor was really into the whole ordeal....and so we pushed on. soon we got to underwater skipping. this to started out small...there was a bit of splashing. but soon she encouraged us to jump big. and since she insisted, I jumped high, and made LARGE slashes while I was at it. It was rather hard to breathe....not because I was getting water in my face( however I did slip on the floor a few times, mostly when I was really in the Aqua-size zone), or even that I was working out hardcore More that I couldn't stop laughing.

there's just something about being surrounded by 400 pound women and 70 year old men, that is just rather funny to me.

After an hour of Aqua-size I was sold, and so was JMaCrae We are doing it every week!

So if anyone is interested in the most enjoyable work out ever, Wednesday nights! I'll bring the comments to yell at the Nazi work out instructor, and you bring neon green sweat band.

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Jessimica said...

this is pretty much how i remember the whole ordeal... lets go again!!