Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Date Factor

I haven't truly dated a ton in my time. I have been on a few here and there, and a few strapping young men have tried to win my heart. But for the most part I am inexperienced. SO it seems that when it come to men trying to win my heart, I often am oblivious.

My first official boy friend took a long time to ask me out. Not for lack of trying. The first time he tried I got distracted and yelled at Laura to "come here!". In my defence I had no clue he was asking me to be his girlfriend. His second attempt was on our way to drop off a bunch of friends. He got out of the van, and since I liked him I got out to give him a hug. and just as he was about to say "Cathy would you go out with me?" I whipped around and jumped into the Van, slamming the door on his face. Poor boy, no wonder he was so frustrated with me!

The second guy I ever seriously considered dating was Nolan. And after a year of friendship, I was positive that that's all we were bound to be. But one sunny day, He called me.
N-Hey what are you up to?
Me- Not much just chillin with Laura.
N- Oh cool, did you want to come to a movie with me?
Me- Um what movie?
N- Price Caspian
Me Laura, did you want to come see Prince Caspian with me and Nolan? (she said yes) Ok Nolan me and Laura will come!
N- oh um I...../ok I'[ll pick you guys up in 15.
Me- Ok see ya!
We got to the theater and met up with his friends, that were all sitting in couples. I then realized I invited my best friend to a date with my dream guy!

And just like every other guy I ever seriously considered dating, I also screwed the first date up with Kenny.
We chatted for along time Sunday, and so when he needed to go, i quickly added in a "Hey are you coming to FHE? we could hang out again."
"Sure, I'll be there! if I can find a way in."
yes I scored a time with just me and him! No Matea, or anyone we knew. After he signed off, Matea signed on. Soon convincing me that it would be pretty much impossible for him to come in, since he had no car. So Monday came, and me and laura went to the 7 showing of "slumdog Millionaire". i got out and realized I had missed FHE. but it was ok I highly doubted he would make it in.

Tuesday morning I got a Facebook message.
"I waited for you! where were you??"
It trun's out he had got his parents car, and drove all the way in, just to hang out with me. I felt like a total douche bag! after many apologies, we got back to the flirting, and talking. suddenly Matea pops up.
"So Kenny told me you stood him up!"
crap. well the curse continues. good thing he is a forgiving soul, and decided not to hold this against me!

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Party of 6 said...

Dear Sucks at Dating....have your met your cousin who holds a masters degree in boys?!?!?!!