Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Holding out for a hero....

So....apparently all my friends are sell outs! (this only refers to my friends in the bridge). They have all sold their souls the the devil! and returned to being friends with Cody. Good thing I'm a leader and not a follower! ha, if anything it makes me want to hate him just to be unique!

moving on...................................................................

The title of this entry is false. I'm not holding out for a hero, I have nothing to be saved from (chorus of angles) at last. or nothing
<------- this super hero can't take care of! This is mostly an entry to tell everyone I am A OK. (cuz I think my mom was worried). B is leaving tomorrow morning, and I'm ok. He needs this. I also have a clarity of mind, finally. I am not 100% sure about anything in my life at the moment.....but as B has drilled into my head, "Think two steps ahead, take one step forward". And that's what I plan on doing! He should be so proud that I took his advice to heart. lol.

It is finally February, and in just a few weeks I will be 20. wow. 20 is such a good age, I won't be a teenager anymore, not that I have really ever been a teenager, ever. well minus that one year of stupidity! Today at work I was explaining to my co-workers, about how I enjoy growing old. I can't wait to be 40! then I can brag about everything I've done! and how wise and old I am. I don't see the downs side to aging, except the whole getting to old to wipe myself thing.....I would like to die before that! unfortunately with these genes I can hope to live a long long long life! anyways 20. 20 will be the year I won't be stupid girl. that's my goal for this year. No more stupid girl moves, no more giving my heart to losers (*cough Cody cough cough*) no more wasting money on stupid things (after this month, hey I'm still a teen till march!). And hopefully no more break downs, time to deal with my emotions like a grown up, instead of bottling them all up.

The wedding is getting so close! I have talked about it so much the girls I work with are equally as excited as me! they can't wait for the pictures on facebook. me being smoking hot in my new little black dress and red high heels. ah two phrases that bring the hot out of every girl! even though I am sure it will be a dramatic weekend, I would like to think I am to mature for the drama I will be faced with......and who knows maybe I am. I guess we will find out!

I have realized I do have friends in the big city. Funny thing is, in the midst of my favorite one leaving, they all come out of the wood work. I never have enough faith for the guy up stairs......add that to the list of things to do, after turning 20. Anyways I look forward to getting to know all these friends, I have realized I have.....and hopefully one of them will be that super stud me and T are on the look out for. (not that T needs a super stud, she's just really supportive of my efforts to be married one day!)
I just bought the new Taylor Swift CD Fearless. It is really good, especially on a day like today, when I feel so fearless. I highly recommend it to you all bloggers. take a moment to listen to a sweet voice, and get a little bit of the fearless bug that seems to be going around!

Fly safe B........see ya in August, when I take my first trip off the Continent.

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