Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Catch Up

It seems like I have written a dozen blog post since I got here, But none of them have given a glimpse of what is actually happening in my life.
So here's a catch up post. Of the goings on of my life.

First off I am back working at a grocery store! can't you hear the excitement in my voice? No? well let me try a little harder next time. It is just like before when I worked at a grocery store, except that I don't know anyone, and it is slightly colder in Sobeys than IGA.
I really do need an attitude adjustment about my job situation, but I just can't seem to figure out anything to like about this job. oh well 3 more months and it's back to school. Then working in a grocery store will be numbed by the fact that in 4 years I will be a journalist.

The new room mates. Well Kam and me have gotten tight. We share clothes and go shopping together. We talk about life and *cough boys cough cough*. We go to church together and we go to institute together. and we love each other. lol. as for the other two roomies....
Well Erin isn't home much, but when she is she is consumed with her current boy Austin. Who she just kissed after dating for four months!
And then there is Leah. Remember what I once predicted about Leah? well I was right. turns out she went into our landlords house (they live above us) and stole a thousand dollars worth of rent money. And then after they made it clear to everyone that they knew who took it, she very unsneakily returned it. still waiting to hear if she will be kicked out. I hope she does. since I am now afraid to leave anything in my house unattended.

Other than that not a lot has happened. It hasn't been all sun shine and roses since I got back. But nothing has spun out of control, and it won't be. The hardest part of being back is not being near my family. I just developed this new found appreciation for the role of family. Now it's rather lonely with out them. I definitely miss T and her witty banter, B and all the random things we talk about. Mr. O's bright shinning face and funny little sayings, Aunt J and Uncle J trying to get me a job at a bank, and fast Sunday dinners. But I am adjusting.
And to tell you the truth I am glad my I don't have anymore drama than just those 2 paragraphs. I use to be able to fill pages with the drama in my life. now I can barely think of enough to fill half a post.

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