Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ipod Diaries

For as long as I can remember, I have related songs with what is happening in my life. For every event there is a song to describe how I felt better than I could ever do. When I left the bridge the first time, I gave he who must not be named (this is what we shall call that mistake of a boy in my past) a CD of "Love". It was a bunch of song declaring my stupidity.... I mean love to him.
Since then I have found new songs to describe life.
And so I am starting a new application on my own blog.
Since I have been breathing for 20 years now, theres just to many songs to catch you up on. Ipod stories starts with how I felt after leaving the Bridge.

Ipod Diaries: Because someone said what I wanted to better, and recorded it so it will never go away.

Chapter one- What I never got to say to he who must not be named.

(if you are wondering why this picture, for this chapter? all mean things should be said, with the sweetest most innocent face you can make. While looking smokin hot. This is me saying mean things to him.)

-Everybody's fool Evanecense-
"look here he comes now bow down and stair in wonder, oh how we love you , no flaws when your pretending. but now I know he never was and never will be, you don't know how you betrayed me, and some how you got every body fooled.
With out the mask where will you hide, cant find your self lost in your lie
I know the truth I know who you are, and I don't love you anymore.
Your not real and you can't save me, and some how now your everybodys fool."

-The final cut Coheed and Cambria-
"To the way that you left me, Here by the roadside, the bloodiest of cadavers, marked in your words, I'm the joke, I'm the bastard.
I guess you know your a self fish little whore.
This is the final cut, open up"

Taylor Swift White Horse
"Say your sorry that face of an angel comes out just when you need it to, as I pase back and forth because I honestly believed in you, stupid girl I should known.
Maybe I was naive, got lost in your eyes I never really had a chance, my mistake I didn't know to be in love you have to fight to have the upper hand. "

Taylor Swift Your Not Sorry

Katy Perry I'm still breathing
"Pick you favourite shade of black, you best prepare a speech, say something funny, say something sweet, but don't say that you loved me.
I'm still breathing, but we've been dead for a while, that sickness has no cures we're going down for sure, already lost my grip best abandon ship."

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