Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The quest for birth........control

Today was my day off, which is always the best days of the week.
I slept till 11, I watched TV, ate my favourite Ice Krispies (in the words of Mr. O), watched a little Ellen, and finally slapped on some jeans and headed out to the chiropractor. I usually go downtown early, so I can talk to Laura j for a while. So like every time I go to the chiropractor I got off the bus and headed strait to Lauraj's place of business.
As the chat progressed we started talking about periods (please note Lauraj works in a store that is currently going out of business, due to lack of customers. So we don't really hold back conversation wise. Truly even if there were customers, we most likely would not have held back.) depression, paranoia, crabbiness, cramps and irregular was how the conversation progressed. When I said "Yeah well of course your patterns would have changed, you started taking birth control" she went quiet. I looked at her she looked at me. And the she said it "I never starting taking birth control Cathy."
What the (swear words)!!!!!!!

She went on to tell me that she had tried going to the Doctors, but they had turned her away.....we later found out that she went to a clinic and wanted a walk in appointment. When they said they didn't do walk ins, she asked to make an appointment. They told her they weren't taking new clients......Can't exactly blame them.
Shortly after she explained the situation to me, I had to go the chiropractor. I laid there thinking about how stupid she was. A year of having regular sex with her boy friend and she didn't even bother to get on birth control. What the crap.....I knew she was dumb but this was a duesy. No wonder she had had so many pregnancy scares!!!!
I walked back to her work and made a very important decision. I was going to get her a doctors appointment and she would be on the pill by the end of the week, or I was going to smack her so hard!!! We're 20! 20 year olds aren't stupid like that!
I walked in to the store looked at her and said "give me a phone book."
After phoning a real walk in clinic and confirming that you can get birth control from there, I told lauraj we were going after she was done work to get her a prescription. Then she said it,"But I when my wallet got stolen, my health care number was in it."

sorry this is the only phrase that can accurately describe how I felt.


But that wasn't going to stop me. If Lauraj was to get pregnant the little potential she has would be completely gone. And so I decided that I would get birth control, and she would take it.the closer we got the more freaked out I got. Is it illegal to get a persecution for birth control and give it to your best friend??? what if they figured out that I was still a virgin? what if he asks me all kinds of questions that I can't answer because I haven't had SEX!!!!!! I felt like a criminal.......but it didn't matter, because she need to get on the pill. we got off the bus and I had a break through. "Laura! what if you just pretended to be me! or better yet just be you and we can just write me health care number on the paper work!"
She wasn't really down for that one.
So there I was standing line, to get birth control.
Birth control.
For not having babies.
When I had no shot of having a baby any time soon.
And then it was time. I pushed Laura in front of me and glared at her and said "TALK!"
She looked at the receptionist and said, "We just need an appointment to get a prescription for birth control."
The receptionist replied, "The evening shift Doctors don't do birth control prescriptions. But we can set you an appointment with a Doctor later this week."
FINALLY some sanity!
we set up an appointment for Monday, the day we both had off. When the receptionist asked Lauraj "I just need you health care number" she replied' "It got stolen along with my wallet."
The receptionist handed her a paper and said, "call this number, they should be able to get it to you by Monday."

Que choir of angels.........
We walked out of the clinic to the bus stop.
I walked out with out birth control I would never use.
Lauraj walked out that much closer to getting birth control for herself.

Despite her stupidity I do love her. Other wise would I just pretend to need birth control! I know she would do the same thing for least we have a story to laugh about.

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