Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Magnetic pull

They sat on opposite sides of the couch, the TV flashed images across it.
Neither of them were paying much attention to it.
But from the way they desperately gazed at it you would have thought they were glued to it.
She glance down conspicuously at him.
It had never been so hard to sit next to him.
It was like there was a force pulling them together.
They both fought to stay on opposite ends of the couch.
Careful never to touch, afraid of what might happen if they did.
He glanced over conspicuously at her.
She had always been beautiful.
But never had she been this beautiful.
Keeping his eyes off of her was like torture.
"This is really hard" he was the first to speak what they were both thinking.
"It is"
"It has never been so hard to not touch you ever" he sighed.
"your the one who made this stupid rule"
"I am?" he thought back, nothing came to mind, why would he make such a stupid rule.
"Yes, you said you didn't want to hurt me. You made up these stupid rules"
"I don't want to hurt you" He looked into her eyes.
"You aren't. I liked how things were. I think this might hurt more"
He put his arm around her.
She smiled that irresistible smile.
He realized he may have been the biggest idiot on the earth to try and keep her away.
He pulled her close, wrapping both arms around her tightly.
She sighed that drive you wild sigh.
He lost it.
They sat intertwined on the couch, the TV flashed images across it.
Neither of them payed much attention to it.
From the way they looked at each other you would have thought they were in love.

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