Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry belated Christmas

Ok so Christmas was good. And since I don't really want to write a billion things about I will post so pics I took! Enjoy!

This is where I caught the train. Cut Bank Montana. I know from this picture you can't really tell but this is by far the sketchiest place I have EVER been. Lucky me got to wait 8 hours for the train in a building that looked like a serial killer was at work in it!

Inside......I made it look cool. I got skills!

The most important ornament on our tree. My first Christmas bear. Every year I place it at the very top of the tree. If it were any higher it would replace the angel. Yeah, I'm a bit of a diva. Get over it!

Little Bro doing his Grinch eyebrows.......he is the coolest thing since Cool Whip (emphasis on the WHip)

Christmas Dog. Lucky Oreo was the model for this trip home.....I got a bit Dog picture happy (Deb would be proud!)

Even in Washington State you gotta represent!

Most peoples Parents are the ones nagging you to get off of the phone! We are trying to have family time. Instead our parents spent the first half and hour of Christmas morning on the phone! while we complained about not getting to spend "Family time" together.
The all mighty little bro!

This is the face the little bro gave me after losing at family Christmas Eve Uno.

Step Sis and her puppy.

This was Edward Cullen's appearance at our Christmas..... I guess no holiday is complete with out a horny vampire. And no Little Bro was not the recipient of that tank top!

Guess what I got for Christmas!!! I read it faster than I ate my Mothers home made apple pie....ok that's a lie! But it was excellent! Peter's novella that is!

The Family. I liked this on the best.....Tim thought it was oh so clever to say something like sex on this shot. as you can see he thinks he is rather clever! i also tried to convince them it was important to look good for this. But as you can tell from my lack of make up and Step sis's PJ's it didn't work. oh well I present to you the Campbell/Coppin Family.

This is my cat. Slim. Slim Shady......yeah I got her when I was 15 and had a large crush on Eminem! please note, she is actually THAT fat. If not fatter. I like to say she eats her feelings. Obesity also plagues cats.

These last shots are form around town. It seems the states have a plethora of amazing old/vintagey buildings and architecture.  which make for amazing pictures.

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