Sunday, December 27, 2009

Take off to the great white north!

Well my holiday in the south is done.
It was nice to be home with my family, but the cabin fever has begun to get to me. So I am overly glad to be going home and keeping busy.

Not being busy on the boy front, has been easier said then done.
Being friends makes things SO much harder. It's that good person thing again.
The boy isn't making it easy to "move on". But I have been doing pretty good so far. I plan to continue my smart girl choice. No I dont need ANYONE to give him a phone call...........

I got Peter DeWolf''s novella for Christmas. Finished it like I was seeing Jude law for the first time. So good! not enough though, I need like, I don't know, a life's supply of DeWolf novels, just saying.
I definitely suggest you get it, and read. Then read it to your friends. Or you know buy it for them.

Lauraj's wedding is in just a week. I am not going anymore (she bumped the date up, and well it seems to fall right smack dab in the first week of school) (which happens to be the Troy Reeb application week). It is so insane that she is getting married. MARRIED! Yesturday I got a message from Lauraj's little sister. She wants a video for Lauraj's bachelor-ette party. First I was set into a rage that my best friend would move her wedding to a week that would be impossible for me to make it. Second I was bitter that she had changed so quickly from laurarj the girl with 5 homeless kids living on her floor. To lauraj wife of a Olympic placer, University grad, world record holder. Ok I will stop. I am happy she is happy. Even if she only dated him for three weeks before the engagement.

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