Friday, January 30, 2009

a blogger hierarchy

This is a note.....mostly so you aren't confused when I stop calling BG, BG and just call him B.
While I was reading past posts, I made a discovery. The closer I get to someone the less letters they get in their name on my blog ( excluding mom).
T started out as TB, and soon became T
and just as T, B started out as BG and is know dubbed B.
and those who I know will never read this blog, remain fully named ( Laura, Steph, Liz, Cody). So that's my blogger hierarchy.

anyways on to big and more interesting topics....

Only a few more days remain until B leaves for China. I have spent every second of my free time, with him. My other friends have started to wonder what happened to me! but that's ok, there's plenty of time for them later.
It also is getting closer to the wedding aka the confrontation. it has become very apparent that I will be confronted by Cody on this trip. I'm ready for it. I think I have been planning what to say to him for at least a month.

Regardless of what happens it will end like this....
"Cody, I don't hate you, I don't even dislike you. You will always be a friend to me. But I am not the kind of girl who puts up with being used, I can't fuel you anymore. I need to be around people who are trying to lift me up, not bring me down. I was able to find people who really love me, since I left here. I am never willing to go back to what I had. Not when what I have is so amazing. If your ever ready to be that kind of friend, I won't be hard to find. I hope you finally understand your potential and feel love. good luck. good bye."
I of course have a million other scenarios, some a little more scandals and exciting than the above. But they all end the same. Thank goodness.

The new place is great. It is 95% closer to my work than the other house. I was thinking about it on my ridiculously short bus ride. and the same amount of time I spent walking from my door to the bus stop, to the bus stop to the Ctrain, and from the Ctrain to my work, is the same amount of time the whole trip there takes!
I feel like I have moved into the Hilton, clean bathroom, mouse free, normal heating, nothing falling apart. It's almost disorientating. lol.

well that's it for today. have a good night bloggers.

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