Sunday, January 18, 2009

moving on

Today I realized that everyone has moved on.
I guess its not a bad thing. But I definitely didn't expect everyone who once was in my life to move ono. I guess it's kind of self fish......maybe I just forgot what it feels like to move. But realizing that everyone has moved on, has made it that much easier for me to move on. Even though I was this close to throwing it all away for one conversation with......cody. However I have changed to! I didn't I fought the urge to rekindle a friendship, and instead focused on other things.
Today when I realized that people don't just wait around, I was super glad I decided to with hold my stupidity. They have all moved on, why would I go back?
oh please don't be alarmed, this was all just a momentary mental lapse. I have made a full recovery. It is kind of strange, however. to think of my friends with out me; I guess thats the ways it's been for months now.
Oh well back to moving my life away from the past.......

BYU is coming along.....................with a lot of help from my mom, I may actually make it to the dead line! School should really notbe so hard to apply for! oh well I can do this.

The mice are dropping in numbers, the poison seems to have done a fairly good job. Next to the new smell from dead mice we can't find, things are looking up. really there only looking up because I will be moving out of this stupid house in a few days. sorry not stupid ghetto, that was the word I was looking for.

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