Saturday, January 24, 2009

the BYU dream

Well this is the official notice that I did not make my BYU dreams come true.
No need to cry, I don't easily give up. I actually only wont be going in the fall because I can't take the ACT in time, and I have to have it done before applying. But all of this isn't that big of a deal, I didn't real want to go this fast anyways. I do want to go, I just want to go in my own time. So I will figure out my next move, school in the fall, whether it's in the big city or some where else, that will have to be decided. For now I have more pressing matters at hand.

- BG is going back to China. and not just to take his test, but for like a few more years! just when I get him back he leaves! I was rather upset to hear this. I even thought there was no point to living in the big city if he was gone! but then sanity set in. Yes I will defiantly miss BG, but we have our own lives, that just tend to cross on the weekends. Yes BG is pretty much my YSA security blanket, but this must mean I'm ready for more challenges. *sigh* challenges, how I wish life was easy. (at least people will stop thinking we are dating each other if we aren't always hanging out together)Either way BG is going in two weeks, and I might actually get time to save up and go visit him this time. Since I have 6 months of free time to save and work. I will miss you BG, but truly your my cousin your gonna be around for years to come!

-I'm in my new mouse free house. I can already feel the change in atmosphere. It will be weird not to have that bonding with my room mates. But it will force me to make friends. I do have a few friends (and I mean a few) here. But there's no reason I can't make more. This move is a good one, but just like everything else I see the challenges. *sigh* challenges again! lol.

-I will however miss my latest roomie Nicole, she is pretty cool. Good thing I just moved to the other side of the city and not mars (even though that's what it feels like!). WE have a few gossip girl marathons planned for the next few months, and I'm sure she will need a break from Mouse territory.

-I get to move back into my originally big city singles ward. This I approve of, there are some nice good looking boys in this ward! lol. and we all know the reason for singles ward is the good looking boys........oh and the spiritual upliftment.

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