Friday, January 16, 2009


I've started about 6 post this past week to sum up the first part of January. and yet none of them have made it to press, maybe thats because i have A)been Lazy or B)been busy. Either way its been a while fellow heres whats been going on.

I have been invaded, and not by aliens (which I would prefer at this point), by mice. at first they were rather hidden, I only heard them but never saw them. Then my roomie decided to cut off the food supply. And now their everywhere!!! and their not even cute! last night while introducing my pop culture illiterate roomie to the greatest show on earth (gossip girl) a small baby mouse made a break for it. I notice a brown image running at me, and I started screaming, not even the beauty of chuck bass could stop it. Then more mice emerged from the wood works and were running around our kitchen. This epic scene ended in two fully grow women holding each other standing on the couch screaming while trying to pause gossip girls. not cool. thank goodness theres only 15 more days until I move.

I moving! my very amazing family has found me a place closer to them and work. so I'm moving. I will miss the ghetto, but not the mice!

So BYU is coming along, I'm almost done the application. FYI it's like the longest application process ever! I swear it would be easier to apply for Harvard. But my chances of getting in there are next to none so I guess i'll stick to the BYU dream (as my friend JMaCrae calls it.) My favourite thing about the BYU dream is my mom. I don't know if I have mentioned, but she isn't usually all that supportive of my "plans". So when I show signs of wavering after telling her I plan to move to like south America, she is the first to help those doubts along. how ever she is a big supporter of the BYU dream. So when a discouraged phone call comes her way she has the, you can do it your a strong smart girl, speech on hold. If anything comes from this application process, it will be a great point to remind her of, next time she has a plot to discourage me.

Mom- I don't think its such a good idea, going to Australia alone. you know no one. what if you get eaten by a rapid dingo.

Me- but mom I thought you said I could do anything. This must just be satan trying to lead me away from my dreams.

lol see mom I might replace the pasty icing story with this one!

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