Sunday, May 11, 2008

2 in 1

wow 2 post in one day. This past weekend i had yet another fight with cody. well not had am having. But I was reading through old post and just wanted to summarize something that i noticed.

I believe in a real love. this love isnt just shared wit people you want to marry. its shared with a few special people in a life time. These are the only people you can always trust. These are the people you have a million fights with. These are the people who often take the back burner. These are the only people to put a smile on your face in the worst of times. These are the only people to break your heart. These are the only people that truly get you, even better than you get you. These are the people that encourage your ideas and catch you when you fall. These are the people its easiest to untie your self from, but the hardest to forget.
This love it belongs to only these few people in your life. I cant be faked, and it cant be bought or sold. It cant even fully be expressed, because thats how perfect it is.
I can pin point a few people who have this love from me.

But another characteristic of this love, is the person its pointed to has to recognize it.

I dont know if he recognizes it, If he does he has a funny way of understand love.

Another Characteristic of this love is even if it is not returned it never goes away.

so even though i swore that i would never forgive him, that i was sick and tired of the fighting. This will be worked out.

This love it can grow and it can change like any good relationship should.

Thats what I must do, time to grow and change.

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