Tuesday, May 20, 2008

seaguls, sunshine, and smiles

I personally enjoy warm weather. who doesn't? I really love just being in the sun. coming in a few degrees redder. and this may long was no exception.
After having the worse friday night, I have had in a long time. I got to enjoy the rest of the weekend. and even though nothing to special happened saturday and sunday, they were good. Getting to see old friends and new ones is always a good time. And so after enjoying my new friends at church my good friend Amanda came over. who i dont really ever get to see, i got to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend.
Monday was the day me and laura had been waiting for.
But to our disappointment it was not really sunny out side, which made us scratched the 20ft water snake she had bought. which was a sad realization, 20ft of water snake fun is hard to give up! But the clouds didnt stop us from getting a pizza and milkshakes for our may long picnic. as we walked back to the lake, we decided to pick the closes grassy area to eat. which happend to be next to a school play ground, and a small stream.
Slowly we noticed the large amount of seagulls staring at us and our pizza box, and as the time passes, they slowly get closer and closer. until at last the were a mere few meters away. This was when i got up, call me crazy but i have a slight fear of seagulls, they will stop at nothing to get food. And their mean, and have beady little red eyes!
So i got up to through so garbage away, while laura finished up our pizza. I turn around to walk back, after throwing the garbage in the farthest garbage can there was, to see laura being bombarded by hungry seagulls. I ran over to scare them away and luckily she had not been malled to death by the hunger flock of seagulls. They did however get our last three pieces of pizza.
we then left the spot by the park to play in the lake. by this time the sun had finally come out, and out may long mission could start. sun tanning 101.
i dont really know what it is about days like monday that are so great. maybe its the warm weather. maybe its the intake of frozen sugar, maybe its the friends that stop by. or maybe its our lame attempt at having fun. but in the end it was one of the funnest days i`ve had in a long time.
Sometimes at the end of the day you stop to think, and you see that it was a perfect day. Full of perfect moments, and perfect food, perfect music, and perfect people. and on days like this you see just how perfect life is. just how magnificent each day is.

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