Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Italy, German, and France

For most of my life i have dreamed of traveling. I wanted to go and see what everyone else was like....I have always been fascinated with other people and how they think and live. So a while ago I saw a link to a company that teaches languages in 10 different countries. So i asked for more information.
Today i got a phone call. They want me to try a 2 week course in Italy just to see if i like it, before i sign up for 9 months abroad in Italy Germany and France.
Of course i freaked out....go to Rome! for 2 weeks!!!!! that is lie a dream come true. and it would only be $2000! and so i was sold....called my mom to tell her that i was going to Rome. and she made me think like logical adult....I hate that sometimes. The truth is right now i dont have $2000. The sad sad sad truth. So I have decided next summer is the time to go. all this year I will save up my pennies, and next summer i will spend a month in Italy Germany and Paris.
Not quite the plan i want....if it was up to me i would be on the next plane to Rome my friend.....to bad money is short. and i had to buy a new lap top this year! oh well this is just the reassurance i needed to keep hope. one day i will be out of Alberta and in Paris, seeing the Mona Lisa, And Rome throwing a pennies in the trevi fountain, and Munich seeing the beauty of Germany. and at last the dreams dont seem like unattainable goals they feel real!

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