Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hair Dying Extravaganza

I think the first time i dyed my hair, i was 13. I was determinded to dye it, and it took my cousin J&T to convince my mom off it. T told my mom that there was a lot worse things i could do at 13, at least i wasnt bring boys over. J told my mom that she had dyed her hair about as young as i was. And so it happened i got my way. And i purchased a box of burgandy hair dye. All i wanted was two streaks at the front and the bottom all around my hair burgandy. And i did it. i was hiddious now that i think back. but i loved it.
After that many more dye jobs followed. I was orange and fire engine red, black, blonde, brown, purple, pink, blue.
But the older I got the more i have realized that the wild colrs arnt for me. The first time i dyed my hair after moving out, i picked a color call gingerbread. It was cute brown with a little ting of red. And today it will be a dark brown, not black but close.
And through all these years i have discovered a few things about hair dying.
1. the experts say black never comes out, this is true but, red is worse. red Stains your hair, it seemed that no matter what color i dyed my hair it always faded to red.
2. blonde should always be done by a pro. unless you enjoy orange or green hair.
3. Let your hair recover 6 months is good before you dye the whole thing again.
4. hair dye doesn't change you for more than two days.
I love to dye my hair, watching the color run down the sink after words is alway an exciting thing. But let us remember that green, blue,pink,orange, burgendy, and blood red, should me done while you are in your younger years. After graduation life gets a little to important for pink hair. Even though it is the best color of hair!

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juliette pouwer said...

I had an unfortunate experience with dying my hair when I was a teenager. Let's just say in the end after trying to 'fix' it, my hair was a very un-natural-looking purple. My parents say me down and asked what was going on in my life. Like I was going all weird. HELLO it was just a bad dye job. Good thing you can wear hats in high school.