Friday, October 10, 2008

The Goal Week 2

Ok so if you remember I have a goal. Lose one pants size in two months.
I've done pretty good, I did the running three times this week. I didn't do so swell with eating. I'm trying to keep the calories down. It is really hard to do, when your home all day, surrounded by yummy. yummy food.
But even though I haven't lost anything, I haven't gained any thing either. So no damage done for this week. Even though not losing any weight was kind of a let down, I have discovered that I really enjoy running. The feeling you get after your done is so great......and it's a whole half an hour of just me out side. Thanks T for talking me into it. Now here's hoping next week I can lose a pound or two!
But for this next week I'm going to kick it up a bit.
Week 2 is going up from running 3 times a week to 5.
Walk one minute, 10x run one minute, walk one minute.
I'm also going to cut sugars out this week, It will be hard! but it must be done!
this all starts Monday. Wish me luck!

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