Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Goal

So new life, new house, new city, new everything sounds like time for a new GOAL!
Heres the deal..... lost 2 pounds since last time I checked. My jeans are to big, the next size is to tight!
Goal 1- By December first I will fit in to the next size down.
Thanks to my new life, I have a new support. T is really big into running. I like running, I personally spent 90% of the time at the gym, on the tred-mill. (when I went to the gym!)
3 times a week. I have a Program.
10 weeks (hooray just in time for snow!)
Week One starts tomorrow
Walk one minute
6x Run one minute, Walk two minutes.
Run one minute
Walk one minute
Thats it 3 times a week, 14 minutes.
Hope I can stick to it! Time for some changes, plus what else am I going to do, until I find a job!
Lose a pants size by December I think I can do it! you should try it to!

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